Envirocare laboratory started out on the premises of the North West University, but in order to expand and supply a wider range of analysis, we moved to a new premise in the centre of Potchefstroom in 2012.

We have been accredited since 2009 and in our bouquet of analysis a wide range of the tests are accredited as can be seen on our accreditation certificate. We supply analytical services to the food and beverage industry, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry and surrounding mines.

If we can assist in the interpretation of reports, we will gladly do so.


To provide outstanding service and reliable results within the shortest turnaround time possible to all our customers.


Envirocare offers high quality analysis and reliable results to customers using up to date technology and the latest innovative methods.

Envirocare strive to keep the turnaround time to the minimum to make it possible for customers to deliver safe products.

Envirocare will provide microbiological and consultancy services to:

Deliver quality results timeously
Satisfy the need of the customer
Comply with the requirements of ISO17025 and SANAS, and
Comply with its own policies and procedures

In doing so, Envirocare strives to act,
With integrity and endevours to improve the quality system continually.


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